Saturday, August 12, 2006

Illustration Friday - Play

I didn't feel very inspired by this week's topic, for some reason. When I thought about the word "play", the rather depressing realisation occurred to me that many games are actually a kind of ritualised or disguised combat. I think world news at the moment has seeped into my consciousness. Anyway, I tried not to get too depressing with my drawing, and just did this quick cartoon/sketch. I used fineliners and brush textas and then added in the script with Photoshop afterwards. The boy is modelled on my cousins (avid computer game players, both of them).


Liz Jones said...

Ahh sad but true.I know just what you mean! We won't have those kind in the house, but I have a feeling we won't always be able to keep them at bay.

the enigma said...

yeah, 'play' didn't create a lot of imagination for me too. to me, it's just 'play' playing, etc,..