Sunday, September 10, 2006

Drawing - Powerpoint presentation...?

I teach Property Law at university two days a week. The students have asked me to produce a weekly Powerpoint presentation.

I had lunch with some friends last week, and I was telling them how I put a different photo or drawing on the first page of my presentation every week, just for my own amusement. The funny thing is that no one has really asked me about them yet. "Why not do picture of a powerpoint - your very own special "powerpoint presentation"?" suggested my friends, who have the same gloriously sick sense of humour as me. We got quite hysterical imagining a Powerpoint presentation entitled "Powerpoints of the World"...hmm, guess you had to be there.

So I drew the powerpoint in our loungeroom this morning. Now I'm looking forward to my lecture tomorrow. That's the good thing about being a lecturer - I've got a captive audience who has to put up with my sick sense of humour!!! Heh heh heh.

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